Hypothesis web annotation in Firefox: cellphone and PC

  1. Launching the bookmarklet is not as straightforward as clicking an extension button. It is true that a shortcut can be added to the bookmark toolbar, but I prefer to hide this toolbar to allow more space for browsing. In addition, this toolbar is not available (and it would take too much space if it were) for mobile.
  2. When launched from a bookmarklet, the Hypothesis client isn’t working in webpages with Content Security Policy (CSP) enabled, such as GitHub and Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine (you can read more about this issue here). Many webpages rely on resources (scripts, fonts, etc) hosted elsewhere. CSP is a security measure which tells the browser from which sources it can fetch additional resources, to make sure only trusted resources can be loaded onto the webpage. Update July 23rd, 2019: Apparently this will be fixed in Firefox 69.

1. How to easily activate Hypothesis on all webpages?

2. How to make Hypothesis work in sites with CSP enabled?

  1. Open the Header Editor menu.
  2. Click on “Manage”.
  3. Go to “Export and Import”.
  4. Copy this URL, paste it in the URL field and click Download: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/diegodlh/h.csp/master/hypothesis.json
  5. The “Hypothesis” rule should appear: click “Save” to apply it on all webpages you visit from now on.




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